Who We Are

Founded in Los Angeles, California, in 1978, Insight Seminars has grown over the past 40 years to reach more than 45 countries, impacting the lives of over a million people aged 6 to 96. Our programs help individuals live fuller, healthier, and happier lives.

Insight Seminars offers transformative workshops that provide practical tools and experiential learning opportunities. Participants discover their inner strengths, expand beyond perceived limitations, and cultivate deeper connections with themselves and others. Our approach focuses on empowering individuals to make conscious choices, enhance leadership qualities, and live more purposeful and fulfilling lives. Each seminar builds on previous sessions, creating a comprehensive journey of personal development.

We are thrilled to bring Insight Seminars to San Diego! Our journey began in the 1990s with seminars in LA. With Insight San Diego, our mission is to spread love, one heart at a time. We will start with adult seminars in 2024-2025 and introduce Teen Insight in 2025-2026. 

Insight Seminars have the potential to be life-changing for adults and life-saving for teens.

John Rotchford

Through Insight, I have learned to forgive myself and others, which opens my heart to love and acceptance. The best is yet to come for all of us, and a great first step is to live more fully from our hearts.

Christine Rotchford

Insight has given me the clarity to know what I want more of in my life and the confidence to create it, whether its loving myself more, deeper relationships with others, more abundance, awareness and a purpose-driven life.