Frequently Asked Questions

What Exactly is an Insight Seminar?

An Insight Seminar is often described as a journey of fulfillment, where participants find love and wisdom within themselves that they never knew or had forgotten existed. Others describe it as a place to remember who they were before the wounds of the world affected them. While each experience is unique, everyone emerges from this life-changing seminar with the tools necessary to manifest their deepest desires and create a life they’ll love.

What Exactly Happens During the Insight I Seminar?

In an Insight I seminar, participants are led through a series of highly experiential and often fun exercises. These activities are designed to help participants recognize where their hearts and minds have been closed off to greater possibilities and how to open up to the choices that can help achieve their hearts’ desires. At the conclusion, we hold a graduation ceremony open to anyone interested in hearing about the transformative experiences of the participants.

I’m Not Crazy About Large Groups. Exactly How Many People Participate in Each Seminar?

The size of the group varies from seminar to seminar. Regardless of the size, a sacred and nurturing intimacy always emerges. No one is forced to participate in any exercises they do not want to. There is great value in group work, including the opportunity for group encouragement and support, as well as the priceless friendships and community that form among like-minded individuals committed to growth and upliftment.

I’ve Done Other Trainings. How is Insight Different?

Many of our participants have attended other trainings and seminars before coming to Insight. At Insight, we believe all change starts with an open heart. We excel at showing people how to re-engage their hearts and minds. Our graduates often tell us that our commitment to leading with an open heart and the joy that erupts during the seminar sets Insight apart from other workshops and trainings. It is not unusual for past participants to retake Insight I to recharge what they have learned and gain additional life-propelling inspiration.

I Don’t Have Problems in My Life. Why Take a Seminar?

Good question. Insight is not a “fix-me” seminar. It is a place where participants can take a heartfelt look at areas of their lives they want to expand and receive the tools to make those changes. For some, it may be a long-buried dream, a better career, improved relationships, health, or finances. Everyone has their own reason for taking the seminar, but the common goal is the same – to live life to the fullest with an open and giving heart.